07 July 2008

PR# 2008-303

ISAF, Afghan doctors’ teamwork saves life


KABUL, Afghanistan — An ISAF and Afghan doctor worked together to perform life-saving surgery on a Afghan citizen July 3.

The man was rushed to the Farah Hospital following a family dispute that resulted in a stab wound that ruptured his aorta and left renal vein.

Dr. Hamid Rahmani from the Farah Hospital realized his resources were insufficient to save the man, so he called his colleagues at the Farah Provincial Reconstruction Team’s medical facility. Rahmani and Aref, an anaesthesiologist from the Farah hospital, worked alongside Captain Patrick McGraw, a surgeon with the Farah PRT.

“Since we don’t have enough equipment at the Farah Hospital, we called the PRT to assist us and brought him over there to operate jointly on this patient. So far, the operation was a success, but it depends on God whether he will survive or not,” Rahmani said.

McGraw said overcoming the language barrier is the greatest obstacle he faces when performing surgeries with doctors from other countries. Although interpreters are available, emergency situations sometimes require an immediate response that can’t wait for translation. Despite the inconvenience of language, McGraw said he finds working with his Afghan colleagues to be an enriching experience.

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