29 June 2008

PR# 2008-294

20 Afghans graduate from ISAF carpentry course

Graduates from ISAF’s carpentry course pose for a picture with their trainers with the Turkish Battle Group in Khak-e Jabbar June 26.

KABUL, Afghanistan — Twenty Aghans graduated from a six-month carpentry course June 26 during a ceremony in Khak-e Jabbar

The carpentry course is one of many run by ISAF’s Turkish Battle Group in Kabul. Currently about 500 students are taking courses in computer science, carpentry, tin plating, sewing and embroidery.

“It is through such programs that ISAF is tackling the issue of giving more Afghans employment opportunities,” said Brigadier General Carlos Branco, ISAF spokesperson. “With these kinds of courses, we are helping improve the socio-economic condition of the Afghan people and further help them rebuild their country.”

During the graduation ceremony, the new Afghan carpenter received some carpentry materials to help them start their new jobs.

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