25 June 2008

PR# 2008-290

ISAF’s Romanian soldiers continue to build trust in Zabul

During the visit, Romanian troops provided humanitarian aid in the form of food and small utility objects such as wheat bags, water cans, radios and flashlights

KABUL, Afghanistan - Romanian ISAF troops based in southern Zabul visited the remote village of Bosna in the Qalat District of Zabul, June 19 as they continue to build trust across the province by visiting isolated villages.

“The villagers were quite surprised by our presence; they don’t see many ISAF troops over there,” said Lieutenant Ciprian Pislatiu, the Civil-Military Cooperation Officer in charge of this visit. “They were even more surprised when they realised that we were there to listen to their problems and to help them find practical solutions.”

In an open air shura (Afghan meeting), troops discussed with the local Mullah and leader about issues pertaining to local governance, village health, humanitarian aid, enemy presence and general activities around the village.

“The shura was very productive and beneficial to all. The villagers were friendly and demonstrated a totally open and positive attitude toward the presence of ISAF troops,” said Lt. Pislatiu.

During the visit, some villagers received medical care while others received food and small utility objects such as wheat bags, water cans, radios and flashlights.

Copies of the Koran were also given to the village Mullah, the only literate person in Bonsa, who will now be able to read parts of it to his fellow villagers after their prayers.

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