22 June 2008

PR# 2008-278

Four Afghan civilians killed by rocket attacks in Khowst

KABUL, Afghanistan - Four Afghan civilians were killed in two separate rocket attacks on International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) bases in Khowst province today.

The first rocket attack occurred shortly after midnight when 13 rockets were fired from inside Afghanistan, killing one civilian. Only one rocket hit an ISAF base, causing minimal damage and no ISAF casualties. ISAF responded in self-defence with both artillery fire and an airstrike on the launch location. ISAF forces later recovered and detonated additional rockets near the launch location this morning.

The second attack of five rockets launched from inside Pakistan occurred around dusk. At least one rocket hit the village of Kundai and killed three civilians.

One Afghan male was injured when a separate rocket hit one of the ISAF bases. ISAF members transported him to a military hospital where he is in stable condition.

ISAF responded in self-defence to the second rocket attack with artillery fire on the launch site located about 300 meters inside Pakistan. The Pakistan military was immediately notified when ISAF forces came under fire.

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