19 June 2008

PR# 2008-272

Citizens may return to Arghandab

KABUL, Afghanistan - The citizens of Arghandab district who recently left under the pressure of the insurgents may return to their homes, according to the ISAF spokesperson.

There is no crisis,” said Brigadier General Carlos Branco. “Both Afghan and ISAF forces have cleared the Arghandab district and have created a safe and stable environment in the region.”

ISAF officials estimate that about 700 Arghandab families fled the district toward Kandahar city to stay with family and friends. When Afghan and ISAF units moved into the area, they encountered only minor incidents with insurgents and never met or spotted the large numbers of insurgents as claimed.

Shortly after the first 24 hours of Operation Doar Bukhou (Turn Around), the Afghan and ISAF commanders declared the entire district safe and secure.

During the operation, Afghan National Police also found and dismantled several IEDs around Kandahar city.

The Afghan National Police’s “operating procedures are working, and civilians are continuing to inform them of insurgent activities,” Branco said. “It is clear that Kandahar city continues to enjoy relative calm and remains firmly under the control of the Afghan government and its people.”

The general added that Afghan National Security Forces, supported by ISAF, continue to increase security in and around Kandahar city and the Arghandab district.

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