19 June 2008

PR# 2008-270

Commander gave an appreciation of the operations in Arghandab district and the life in Kandahar City

KABUL, Afghanistan – Around 10:30 pm yesterday, Task Force Kandahar Deputy Commander, Col Jamie Cade, spoke to the media regarding current operations in Arghandab district. This is a copy of his statement:

“Good evening. The Afghan-government-led operation to reinforce security in Kandahar City and Arghandab district continues to be successful. Over the past few days, Afghan National Security Forces have increased their presence in the region in order to calm the fears of the local population and protect against potential attacks from our adversaries.

Kandahar City continues to enjoy relative calm. Today (June 18) I spoke with Elissa Golberg, the Representative of Canada in Kandahar, who spent a good deal of time in the Provincial Capital. She indicated that life is slowly returning to normal in the city. Some stores were open and more citizens were out on the streets than have been in recent days. Afghan forces will continue to maintain a strong presence in the city, which we believe will further bolster the confidence of the local population. The Afghan National Police were also able to find and dismantle several more IEDs in the city today, indicating that their operating procedures are working and that civilians are continuing to inform them of insurgent activities.

Over the past few days Afghan and ISAF troops have been working to further define Taliban locations in Arghandab district. We know insurgents are in the area, but they do not have the numbers or the foothold that they previously claimed. Our assessment is that moderate numbers of insurgents have simply taken refuge in the lush surroundings of the district, and are stirring up fears among the local population.

Today, we commenced action against the insurgents in Arghandab. Afghan National Army troops, reinforced by ISAF, including Canadian soldiers, crossed the Arghandab river this morning and began the removal of the Taliban from the region. Our joint forces were met with moderate resistance, which we expected and unfortunately resulted in several ANSF casualties. I am pleased to report that we have secured objectives on the west bank of the Arghandab river, and have demonstrated that the coalition has freedom of movement when and where desired.

We continue to conduct operations in various locations around Kandahar Province as we regain the initiative from the insurgents. The Afghan Government and Afghan National Security forces, supported by ISAF, have devised a comprehensive plan to deal with recent threats to security. Our partners continue to develop their levels of capability and we are proud to be fighting alongside them in order to assure the future security of the Afghan people.”

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