18 June 2008

PR# 2008-266

ISAF medical teams treat more than 400 local nationals in Ghor province

KABUL, Afghanistan – Last week, Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) performed two MEDCAP (Medical Civilian Affair Patrols) in Ghor province, treating 257 local patients in Badgah and another 202 in Alandar village.

The ISAF medical team, made up of one Ukrainian doctor and four Lithuanian medics and one Afghan local doctor from Badgah, who treated local women and girls. Afghanistan National Police (ANP) cordoned the makeshift medical facilities guaranteeing a safe and secure environment for the medical team and all the patients.

“We cured almost all the locals who asked for our assistance, selecting those who needed medical treatment most” said captain Arunas Lekstutis of the ISAF medical team. As one of his assistant’s explained after performing a MEDCAP, “Many diseases are around stiffness of the joints since most of them usually run without shoes and do not use warm clothes in winter. Further more, many others are not used to drinking potable water as it causes them stomach aches and intestinal infections. If their living conditions improve, I’m confident such diseases and illnesses will be reduced.” 

On the other hand, Croatian and Lithuanian soldiers of Chagcharn PRT delivered pencils, notebooks and toys for children and cupboard plates for families. Several tents were donated to local teachers that will be set up in summer for the almost 500 pupils of Alandar village.

This is the second mass relieving action led by Lithuanian-led PRT in Badgah and Alandar villages from the beginning of 2008. In January and March 144 locals were treated in Badgah and 131 in Alandar. So far Chagcharan PRT has fulfilled an intense schedule of MECAPs supporting people of the most remote Ghor locations. Moreover PRT medical teams held visits at Chagcharan hospital, treating patients and mentoring local doctors.

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