18 June 2008

PR# 2008-262

ISAF bolster ANSF in Kandahar City

KABUL, Afghanistan – To further support the resident Afghan National Security Forces in Kandahar City – consisting of the Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police and Afghan National Border Police, ISAF forces in the area redeployed yesterday to bolster the already present security stance.

“Together, ANSF combined with ISAF continue to increase security in and around Kandahar City. Together we continue to track down escaped prisoners from Sarpoza prison and are capable of dealing with threats posed by these escapees and insurgents”, says Major General Marc Lessard, Regional Command South Commander. “ISAF is committed to assisting ANSF in maintaining a safe and secure environment and will take the necessary actions to achieve our mandate for the overall wellbeing of Afghan population,” furthered Major General Lessard.

ISAF support to ANSF in and around Kandahar City since the Sarpoza prison break will continue with joint patrols, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets and checkpoints.

“Today ISAF soldiers along with the ANSF conducted a show of force in Kandahar City and Arghandab District,” said Colonel Jamie Cade, Deputy Commander of Task Force Kandahar.  “There were no obvious signs of insurgent activity and it is clear that Kandahar City remains firmly under the control of the Afghan government and its people.”

Previous increases of insurgent activity have failed to dislodge ANSF and ISAF forces from Southern Afghanistan. Insurgents disregard human lives by terrorising innocent people through public acts of violence.

The ISAF deployment is in response to the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan request to support resident ANSF within Kandahar City.

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