15 June 2008

PR# 2008-257

Little steps result in big gains

The future is in their hands. Major Andrew Dahl meets with local Afghan leaders to talk about the future of the area around a new patrol base in Uruzgan Province.

KABUL, Afghanistan – On 6 June, the Australian Reconstruction Task Force (RTF) based in Tarin Kowt, southern Afghanistan, held their first public Shura with local tribal leaders in Uruzgan province.

A Shura – or meeting of elders – was held in a former insurgent stronghold in Uruzgan.

The meeting highlights the success of the RTF in helping to drive out the insurgents.

It also shows that the local leaders support the role of ISAF troops and are prepared to work with them to ensure that the insurgents do not come back.

Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Yeaman, Commanding Officer RTF 4 said, “All of our operations here are designed to push the insurgents out of these communities for good, and we are putting a lot of effort into developing our contact with the leaders here.”

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