15 June 2008

PR# 2008-256

ISAF troops established successful presence into Gizab

KABUL, Afghanistan – In support of the Afghan Government’s initiative to extend its influence into the Gizab district in Uruzgan southern province, ISAF soldiers conducted a highly successful disrupt operation on June 10.

This operation demonstrated ISAF’s ability to disrupt Taliban extremists wherever they are and at a time of ISAF’s choosing. Gizab is a district where Afghans have continued to suffer under the Taliban insurgency.


Targeting Taliban leadership in northern Uruzgan town, a number of Taliban insurgents were detained in the operation, including a local Taliban commander.


An improvised explosion device (IED) production and training facility was discovered during the operation, along with a sizable weapons cache, both of which were destroyed by ISAF troops.


“This successful operation represents yet another disruption to the Taliban network in southern Afghanistan and ISAF is proud to be helping to provide a safer and more stable future to the local population” said Lieutenant Colonel Sarto Leblanc, Regional Command South spokesperson.

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