13 June 2008

PR# 2008-255

Another young life saved by ISAF in Kabul

Robina, the six-year-old Afghan child, who was injured by a roadside mine, leaves Camp Warehouse with her mother. Following a five hour operation and four days in intensive care, she was declared out of danger and able to return home with her family.

KABUL, Afghanistan – On Monday, 22 April, a six-year-old Afghan girl was seriously injured while searching for scrap metal to sell, along the Kabul-Jalalabad road, when she set off a mine.

She was found with grievous injuries to her chest and extremities and transported by an officer of the ISAF, to the military hospital at Camp Warehouse.

Following a five hour operation and four days in Intensive Care, Robina was declared out of danger. She was able to return home to live with her family.

Chief of the Department of Surgery, Dr. Durand-Dastes commented, “Considering her condition on arrival, we are happy with the result of the procedures”. He added “the trouble with this country is that these mines and other unexploded munitions are all over the place alongside roads”

Regional Command Capital Troops are engaged in a major public relations campaign in the Kabul region to teach the dangers and avoidance of these unexploded weapons: raising awareness about landmines and UXO is one of the main goals of Civilian Military Cooperation in Afghanistan.

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