08 June 2008

PR# 2008-235

New start for the Balluchi Valley in Uruzgan

KABUL, Afghanistan – After some heavy military operations in the Balluchi Valley of Uruzgan Province in Southern Afghanistan, the daily life of the local population in that area will improve fast.

A good start for the local population is the recent opening of a new Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Centre in the Uruzgan village of Sajawul, near the Balluchi Crossing. Local nationals can make use of this house for suggesting new ideas for the local deployment in their area.

Some local leaders made already use of this possibility by cooperating immediately in new projects like the reparation of the local waterpower station, very important for the supply of energy for a part of Sajawul. Another project, but still to start in the nearby future, is the reconstruction of a new school which is also planned in the village of Sajawul.

The start of the CIMIC Centre is also meant as a kind of guarantee for the local population of the continuing presence of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops. Besides that, the Afghan National Army will erect a new base close to Sajawul for even more safety for the population.

“This is a single example of how Regional Command South (RC-S) is improving the quality of life of Afghans,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Sarto Leblanc, RC-S spokesperson. “We are here to help rebuilding Afghanistan and to make a difference for a local population. It is what we do”

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