05 June 2008

PR# 2008-232

ISAF organizes first riot control training for the Afghan National Police in Chaghcharan

KABUL, Afghanistan – Over 20 members of the Afghan National Police (ANP) in Chaghcharan will now be better prepared to react to riots after receiving riot control training by the United States Army Police Mentor Team (USPMT).

The riot training, organized by the ISAF Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), taught various techniques on how to disarm an opponent, how to arrest an aggressive person, and how to neutralize the leader/instigator by removing him from the group. The ANP also learned and rehearsed movement formations designed to safely approach a disorderly crowd and enforce order.

“I really enjoy working with and teaching the local police. They are interested in everything that is taught. Very attentive.” said Captain Chris Kent.

The urgent need for ANP riot control training was made obvious on May 22, 2008, when the PRT camp and the local police headquarters were attacked by rioters. “The ANP did a great job, trying to stop the aggressive crowd, but it was evident, that they needed a specialized training like this,” said Major Keith Underwood, USPMT commander.

USPMT is part of the seventh rotation of PRT in Gowr Province, under the responsibility of Regional Command West. Led by Lithuania, the PRT includes soldiers from Denmark, Croatia, Georgia, the U.S. and Ukraine. Colonel Ramunas Baronas, PRT commander says: “We work hand in hand: we share our ideas, thoughts, advice and even resources. It is in the nature of things, like a real family.”

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