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04 June 2008

PR# 2008-228

Commitment, competence, courage, candidness – General McKiernan states expectations

KABUL, Afghanistan – General McKiernan held his first official news conference today after taking command of Headquarters International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan in a Change of Command Ceremony held on 3 June.

General McKiernan stated that although he has visited many times, this is his first tour of duty to Afghanistan.

“I am committed personally to assisting the Afghan people to a secure state.”

He went on to say that he has four expectations, not only of his staff, but of himself. He describes these expectations as the four C’s. 

“First, we must be Committed to the mission. Secondly, as individuals and as a unit, we must be highly Competent. Next, we must be Courageous in our mission. Lastly, I expect everyone to be Candid; to say what’s on their mind.”

Finally, General McKiernan ensured that “the Afghan people can rely on my resolve,” General McKiernan said. He added that NATO and its partners are committed to see this mission through.

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