02 June 2008

PR# 2008-222

ISAF Italian-led PRT opens bridge in Herat city

KABUL, Afghanistan- Authorities from the ISAF Regional Command West (RC-W) and the Government of Herat met to attend the inauguration of Kartha bridge Sunday.

Among these participants were the Herat Governor, Mr. Sayed Hussain Anwari, Herat Mayor, Mr. Mohammad Rafiq Mujaddadi, RC-W Commander, Brigadier General Francesco Arena and Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Commander, Colonel Giuseppe Levato.

“This bridge was donated by the Italian Government. It was built with the strong commitment of Italian PRT and the Afghan people. It shows clearly the great collaboration existing between Afghanistan and the international security force. I firmly believe this nation is on the right way to peace and prosperity,” said General Arena.

Following General Arena’s remarks, the Herat Governor and Major expressed their gratefulness for this important work. "The bridge will bring great benefits to the population," Mr. Anwari said "relieving the local economy as well."

Mr. Mujaddadi passed his thanks to ISAF. "People leaving in Herat and in neighbouring Enjil district villages have re-established a direct link."

The bridge replaces a heavily damaged bridge, ruined by the spring floods in 2007. This key infrastructure project will improve the transports in and out Herat, thus enhancing local economy.

The construction started in July 2007 and was financed with Italian funds of around 400.000 Euros. The final draft was carried out by the Italian PRT Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Team’s engineers, who shared their plans with students and graduated engineers of Herat University.

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