31 May 2008

PR# 2008-220

Zabul governor holds districts accountable
for security

KABUL, Afghanistan – May 28, the Zabul provincial governor and his chief of police met with district administrators and village elders from Shamulzay, Shinkay and Nawbahar districts to discuss security, reconstruction and development in the province. The shura, or meeting, was held on Forward Operating Base Sweeney and hosted by US Army Lt. Col. Darrell Wilson, senior mentor to the 2nd Brigade, 205th Corps (ETT).

As each district administrator stood to discuss their respective issues, a common theme developed: The districts need projects to improve security. Each district administrator assured Governor Delbar Jan Arman and Provincial Chief of Police Col. Mohammed Yaqoub that the districts would provide security for contractors who come to work on projects.

Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team commander, US Air Force Lt. Col. Bryce Brakman, stated, “We know that Zabul has a rich and deep culture and heritage. There’s a strong tradition here of hard work and self-reliance.”

“I ask you to continue your tradition of self-reliance and help by assisting in establishing security in your area. I will do my part by bringing in the projects,” he added.

Governor Arman closed the meeting with some simple guidance. “One thing is very important. Every week in each district, the police chief, the district administrator, the ANA commander and the embedded training team commander must meet to discuss security in their district. After that, they need to sit with the elders in their district. Without coordinating together, we can’t do anything to improve security. I’m proud of the ANA and all they’ve done for the government; I ask that they work with the police to improve security.”

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