ISAF soldier dies of non-battle injury ISAF News Release #2008-218 Senior insurgent leader killed
30 May 2008

PR# 2008-218

Senior insurgent leader killed

KABUL, Afghanistan – Maulawi Abdul Malik, a senior insurgent leader, has been killed in an Afghan led operation in eastern Afghanistan, May 27.

The operation, in Logar province, was designed to disrupt IED bomb-making cells and operations throughout the region.

Four other suspected insurgents were detained during the operation but have since been released.

“The removal of Malik will not only deal a significant blow to the insurgents’ capacity to attack Afghan and ISAF security forces but will also create a safer environment for the local population who have already suffered as a result of the activities of this insurgent cell,” said ISAF Spokesmen Brigadier General Carlos Branco.

“The group has been linked to the burning down of two girls’ schools and threats to locals attending English and computer courses.”

General Branco said the Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF were committed to enhancing security to allow progress and development in Afghanistan.

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