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29 May 2008

PR# 2008-216

ISAF helps open causeway in Kandahar

KABUL, Afghanistan – A local district chief, along with ISAF troops, opened a new causeway which spans the Tarnack River, north of Mola Kuchi Kalay village, Kandahar province May 24. 

The causeway was constructed to improve the often erratic road communications between Dand district and Kandahar City.

Ahmadullah Nazook, Dand District Chief, and Air Commander Judson, Kandahar Air Field Commander, opened the causeway together in a demonstration of joint cooperation and teamwork between the citizens of Kandahar and ISAF.

“This new causeway will be a tremendous boost to the local community and will aid the movement and security of goods into the city,” said Mr. Nazook. “We now have a secure route into the city that will prove immensely beneficial and popular to our community.”

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