25 May 2008

PR# 2008-211

ISAF medical team performs surgery on Afghan locals in Chaghcharan

KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF medics of the Chaghcharan Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) successfully treated two local nationals at the Chaghcharan hospital, Ghowr province, recently.

Two Ukrainian doctors and a Lithuanian doctor’s assistant operated on one man who had been shot in a leg and another suffering with an acute appendicitis attack.

After the operation, Jumagul Yakubis, chief doctor of the hospital, thanked Captain Arturas Lekstutis who led the medical team of the PRT.

“Today you did a lot. Not only the two surgeries went well but you also contributed to improve my personnel skills in these kinds of operations,” said Dr. Yakubis.

“I am impressed how people coming from different countries can work together as such a strong and good team,” said Colonel Ramunas Baronas, PRT commander.

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