22 May 2008

PR# 2008-208

For the first time in 30 years, girls in Shajoy district attend school

Abdul Qayoum, Shajoy district administrator, tells Zabul provincial government representatives and the Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team how happy he is to see girls from his district in school. May 17 marked the first day of school in 30 years for girls in the district.

KABUL, Afghanistan – One hundred forty girls in the Shajoy district of Zabul province attended school Saturday, a first for females there in 30 years.

The girls are currently studying lessons such as religion and math in a small mud house, however they are in need of a suitable location in the district for a school.

“I hope all these girls will have a good future,” said Mr. Qayoum, district administrator. “I’m happy the girls can come to school and be in this good situation. I and the police chief are always here to work with (the government and Zabul PRT representatives) and to work for the people of Shajoy. I hope God will help us to work honestly with our people, the government and the line ministry directors.”

The Zabul PRT civil affairs team accompanied Shajoy and Zabul government representatives to look at various building sites as potential locations for a new girls’ school.

“In the name of God, honorable teachers and honorable students, today I am pleased I’m seeing children in school,” said the deputy governor. “I couldn’t believe you have students in a safe and secure area; I would appreciate all forces’ cooperation for security. For everyone in Shajoy, farmers, teachers and each individual, I’m asking you to send your children to school. It’s our obligation. You (children) are the future of Afghanistan.”

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