19 May 2008

PR# 2008-199

ISAF supports Kabul’s vets

KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF’s Regional Command Capital (RC-C) Italian contingent initiated a training course for Kabul’s veterinarians operating in the southern areas of the Afghan capital on 18 May.

Hosted at Camp Invicta, the course was divided into several e-learning modules and was developed by the Italian University of Udine to improve the professional skills of the veterinary operators of Musahi, an area where animal husbandry is an important source of income.

The joint initiative between ISAF’s Italian contingent and the academic institution will allow interaction with the teachers located in Udine through the web and can be tailored to the actual needs and levels of knowledge of the attendees.

The course is aimed at improving the quality of veterinary assistance in the rural areas of the capital.

“We strive to involve local vets in the treatment of cattle and sheep. Since last January we’ve treated over 4,000 animals with basic anti-parasite medications, allowing a higher production of milk, meat and wool. But the effort has to be concentrated on local vets’ capacities, both in terms of quantity and especially of quality,” said Major Lorenzo Tidu, the military veterinarian of the Italian Contingent and one of the main promoters.

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