19 May 2008

PR# 2008-198

ANSF troops seize weapons cache in Helmand province

ANSF troops seized around 100,000 rounds of ammunition, 47 rocket propelled grenades and 47 rockets in this search and seizure operation lead by ANSF. ISAF mentored the ANSF and assisted them in clearing and securing the find.

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army and Police seized over 100,000 rounds of ammunition and nearly 50 rocket propelled grenades in a planned operation last week.

The operation in Gereshk district was planned and conducted by Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), who are being mentored by British troops to develop their capability to conduct independent operations. ANSF mounted a search operation of a house meters from the Afghan National Police (ANP) compound. British personnel were on standby to support, if needed.

The search of the compound uncovered a cache of 100,000 rounds of ammunition, 47 rocket propelled grenades and 47 rockets. They also found a number of ANP uniforms, which have been used in the past by insurgents to gain access to secure areas.

The success of this operation once again demonstrates the growing capacity of ANSF to plan and execute their own security operations.

“Our mentoring teams are working hard with the Afghan Army and Police, and operations such as this demonstrate the real progress that they are making. This was a professionally planned and executed search and seizure,” said Lieutenant Colonel Robin Matthews, British military spokesman in Helmand province.

“They have seized a significant amount of ammunition which will undoubtedly have dented the insurgents’ capability. It is a very positive sign that ANSF are taking the lead in operations such as this, and demonstrates how much the insurgents are weakened.”

The British mentoring team and soldiers from 2 Scots helped the ANSF to clear and secure the ammunition find.

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