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13 May. 2008

PR# 2008-190

ANA conducts first artillery live-fire exercise

KABUL, Afghanistan – The 207th Afghan National Army (207th ANA) Corps Combat Support Battalion accomplished its first artillery live-fire exercise backed by ISAF mentors of the Italian-led Operational Mentoring Liaison Team (OMLT) recently.

The exercise, which took place at a firing range close to the ANA corps’ barracks, taught soldiers the skills to use manual wind speed measuring devices and calculators to check fire data.

Major General Jalandar Shah, 207th ANA Corps commander, Brigadier General Francesco Arena, RC-West commander, and Colonel Salvatore Caruso, OMLT commander, attended the exercise.

Mentoring and supporting the ANA is one of ISAF’s key military tasks. ISAF assists the Afghan government to bring the ANA up to operating capability primarily through the provision of OMLTs. These teams support ANA training and deploy on operations in an advisory role. OMLTs also coordinate operations between ANA and ISAF.

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