05 May. 2008

PR# 2008-181

ISAF clears IED plant, captures 4 insurgents, kills 2

KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF troops cleared a suspected improvised explosive device-making (IED) factory, captured four insurgents and killed two others Saturday when they were engaged by insurgents.

ISAF soldiers took fire from insurgents during a routine patrol in Tarin Kowt district, Oruzgan province Saturday. When they reacted, troops discovered the building containing numerous IED-making materials.

No ISAF members were injured during this attack.

The clearance of this facility hinders the ability of the Taliban extremists to make IEDs used for suicide bombings that have caused death and injury to Afghan civilians and our forces,” said Brigadier General Carlos Branco, ISAF spokesperson. “Successful operations of this nature have an immediate positive affect on the local population.

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