04 May. 2008

PR# 2008-178

ISAF, RC-West commanders visit Chaghcharan, tour area PRT projects


KABUL, Afghanistan – General Dan K. McNeill, ISAF commander, and Brigadier General Francesco Arena, Regional Command West (RC-West) commander, recently visited the Lithuania-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Chaghcharan district, Ghowr province.

The delegation, welcomed by Colonel Albertas Kondrotas, commander of the unit, received information about ongoing projects there and visited areas in Chaghcharan city.

The delegation toured the recently-opened Civil Servants Training Center, built by USAID. The center, which is funded by Lithuania, will teach computer and management skills as well as English to local Afghans.

The delegation also visited the public library containing 3,000 books, also funded by Lithuania, in Dari and Pashtu.

Finally, the group stopped by a local boy’s school dormitory. Gen. Mc Neill talked to the boys about their studies, living conditions and their plans for the future. Students expressed their gratitude to ISAF for the help they brought and some even expressed their intention to join the Afghanistan National Army.

 “You are the future of this country and you will need to rebuild it step by step,” Gen. McNeill said. “I came here and I heard what you need with my own ears. I can promise I will do what I can.”

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