28 Apr. 2008

PR# 2008-161

ISAF brings aid, medical support to combat disease in Gulran

KABUL, Afghanistan - ISAF’s Italian PRT delivered aid to the population of Gulran District in Herat province recently to help alleviate suffering by locals affected by Gulran Disease.

Nearly 100 locals there suffer from an illness called Gulran Disease, described by local doctors as a disease affecting the liver that may occur after ingestion of certain plant alkaloids. It has been present in the district since 1970, and periodically is brought on during the harvest season.

ISAF responded with military and civilian support to a request for assistance from the Provincial Health Department chief.

While a team is working to find and deliver an adequate combination of medicines to cure the disease, another team provided the population with some quick relief, including 11 tons of rice, oil, wheat and tomatoes, to prevent them from eating contaminated food.

The PRT’s specialized medical team will also offer assistance to all the district’s villages to show the people the causes of this disease and teach them a correct diet in order to avoid it.

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