24 Apr. 2008

PR# 2008-155

RC-West transfers authority in ceremony

KABUL, Afghanistan – After more than nine months serving as commander of Regional Command West (RC-West), Major General Fausto Macor handed authority of RC-West to Brigadier General Francesco Arena.

General Dan McNeill, ISAF commander, and Major General Alberto Primicerij, ISAF Stability deputy commander and the Italian Senior National Representative, attended the ceremony. Several authorities were present as well, such as Herat province vice-governor, Haji Mir, Major General Jalander Shah, the 207th Corp Afghan National Army commander, Major General Ekrammuddin, Regional Police chief, and Mullah Baluch, governor of Farah province.

"I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to COMISAF," said Gen. Macor. "General McNeill, it has been a great honor and a pleasure to serve under your command."

I appreciated your support for our troops. I can honestly say that I am truly proud of what has been accomplished during my time here, he added.

"All of you, each unit, each individual in his or her particular field of expertise, has demonstrated total commitment to pursuing one common goal and that is helping Afghanistan to become a better country," said Gen. Macor.

Gen. McNeill thanked Gen. Macor for his service to his country and to the alliance.

"I know all the Afghan brothers are as grateful as I am for the respect that you have shown to the Afghan people and their culture."

"General Arena comes at a time of a bigger, more capable international force at Regional Command West and, indeed, an increased capacity both in the 207th Corp and the Afghan national Police in Regional Command West. So it goes without saying, we have high expectations of you," said Gen. McNeill to the incoming commander.

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