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20 Apr. 2008

PR# 2008-152

ISAF, Afghanistan and Pakistan address border security in Kandahar

KABUL, Afghanistan - Major General Marc Lessard, Regional Command South (RC-South), joined Afghanistan and Pakistan officials at the 3rd Border Security Sub-Committee Meeting (BSSM) at the Afghan National Army Headquarters in Kandahar on 17 April 2008.

The meeting, hosted by Brigadier General Ghulam Ali Wahdat, Regional Chief of Police, and Brigadier General Gul Aqa Naibi, Commander Army 205 Corps, was held to discuss key topics such as improving communication and liaison between Afghanistan, Pakistan and ISAF, and how to improve cooperation along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan National Security Forces.

"The military-to-military cooperation between ISAF, the Afghan National Security Forces and Pakistani forces continues unabated," said Brig. Gen. Naibi. "This is very important for us and efforts to curtail cross-border support to insurgents must continue."

"We are fully committed to support the Afghan National Security Forces as progress is being made in initiating joint border patrols and in improving cooperation at the tactical level," said Maj. Gen. Lessard. "Afghanistan and Pakistan are increasing their substantial support to stabilise the security situation along their borders but much more needs to be done."

Border security, a key component of ISAF’s strategic vision for Afghanistan

ISAF’s strategic vision for Afghanistan was adopted by the Heads of state and government of the nations contributing to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) at the NATO summit held in Bucharest on 2-4 April 2008.

ISAF’s statement said Afghanistan’s neighbours have an important role to play in helping Afghanistan build a more stable and secure future. The threats of violent extremism and narcotics are not Afghanistan’s alone. The region stands to benefit when these threats are dealt with effectively. To help foster a long-term regional approach to security challenges and cooperation, ISAF contributing nations:

  • Calls on Afghanistan’s neighbours to act resolutely in support of the Afghan Government’s efforts to build a stable Afghanistan with secure borders;
  • Looks forward to deepening their engagement with Afghanistan’s neighbours, particularly Pakistan;
  • Supports efforts to improve security and stability along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border; and
  • Encourages further cooperation and intensified dialogue between Afghanistan and Pakistan including through the Jirga mechanisms, the Ankara process and the Tripartite Commission.

The BSSM is a sub committee of the Tripartite Commission. It takes place approximately every two months and the meeting is held alternately in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The purpose of the BSSM is to enable the commanders in the southern region, the Regional Command South commander, 205th Corps commander and the Regional Chief of Police to meet their counterparts in Pakistan in order to continue to foster the security relationship and contribute to regional security.

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