17 Apr. 2008

PR# 2008-148

ISAF explains arms air drop mistake

KABUL, Afghanistan – Over the past few days, numerous media reports erroneously stated that ISAF or Coalition Forces purposely supplied the Taliban with weapons and ammunition.  These allegations are completely false. 

On March 25, a private helicopter company was contracted on behalf of an ISAF unit, to resupply an Afghan National Police (ANP) outpost located in a remote mountain area. Unfortunately, due to a human error in transcribing the latitude and longitude of the location, the load was dropped in another remote area.

The mistake was recognised when the helicopter crew was debriefed after returning to their base.  Coalition Forces sent aircraft for a visual reconnaissance, however, the missing cargo could not be found.

The cargo consisted of 7.62mm small arms ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades, and food and water. It did not contain any guns.

Commander ISAF informed the Afghan governmental leaders of this incident.

ISAF remains dedicated to supporting the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in defeating the insurgents and providing a safe and secure environment in which reconstruction and development can be conducted.

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