13 Apr. 2008

PR# 2008-141

ANA Brigade Headquarters
construction begins in Farah

KABUL, Afghanistan – A construction project to build an ANA Brigade Headquarters near Farah City started recently.

The project, which will employ 4,000 workers for the year-long construction period, will house 2,000 soldiers.

General Jalandershaw, 207th ANA Kandak commander in Herat, praised the construction project as an important step in the development of the ANA. “We are very happy to see the construction of a new base that will become one of the most important in western Afghanistan.”

The ANA headquarters is part of the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ plan to improve security in Farah province. An excess of $85 million will be spent in Farah on a variety of projects throughout the coming year. Projects include eight ANP headquarters; one in each of the following districts: Shib Koh, Lash wa Jowayn, Gulestan, Purchaman, Bakwa, Pusht Rod, Khaks-e Safid and Qal-I Kah and a Border Police headquarters for 100 men in Qal-e Kah.

Fazlullah Construction Engineering Company (FCEC) will build the headquarters, which will be built using pre-cast construction, a building method new to Afghanistan.

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