01 Apr. 2008

PR# 2008-128

Insurgents killed while placing improvised explosive devices in Panjwayi District

KABUL, Afghanistan - An ISAF patrol spotted insurgents placing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on a road close to an ISAF base in central Panjwayi last night.

Being careful to assess the situation, ISAF forces confirmed the intent of the insurgents by conducting further reconnaissance.  ISAF forces engaged the insurgents by calling in close air support, and a precision guided munition was dropped on the insurgents.

The subsequent damage assessment showed the precision strike killed three insurgents and wounded one.  There were no ISAF casualties.

Initial media reports stated that there was a group of four farmers working in a nearby field.  However, the individuals targeted were clearly identified by ISAF as insurgents placing explosives along the road. 

"Last night ISAF forces foiled a cowardly attempt by insurgents to kill civilians and soldiers by laying explosive devices on a heavily-used road. ISAF troops’ decisive response saved lives and eliminated an imminent threat," said Brig Gen Carlos Branco, ISAF spokesperson.

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