01 Apr. 2008

PR# 2008-127

Afghanistan, Pakistan open Khyber Border Coordination Center

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghanistan, Pakistan and ISAF troops came together to mark the completion of the Khyber Border Coordination Center during a ceremony on the border of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan and Khyber province, Pakistan, Mar. 29.

Located in historic and strategically important Khyber pass, the Khyber Border Coordination Center marks the first of six coordination centers planned for construction.

"This center will give the opportunity to our officers on both sides to talk to each other every day about … the activities of the enemy," said Afghan Defence Ministry operations chief  Lieutenant General Sher Muhammad Karimi.

"The War on Terror is a common interest of the entire world, more so for the two brother countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan." said the commander of the Pakistani 11th Corps, Lieutenant General Mosood. "Both these countries have suffered the maximum for the last eight years now. And, we brothers have been actually victims of all types of terrorism for over 30 years now."

During the ceremony, three small trees were planted in a row by Major General David Rodriguez, commanding general for Regional Command East, and Generals Karimi and Mosood. They were planted to symbolize long-term partnership of Afghans, Pakistanis and international forces.

"In time, these trees will grow, and their roots and branches will become intermingled and supportive of each other: This is the relationship we also seek to be strong together against the enemies who would deter our peoples from their desire for peace and stability," said General Rodriguez.

All forces present acknowledged the need for unity and cooperation.

"Unfortunately, this war cannot be fought alone, because the terror has no boundaries," said Gen. Mosood. "The terrorist has no morals, no ethnicity, no nationality and respects no laws. There has to be a united and cohesive effort of all participants on the War on Terror."

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