28 Mar. 2008

PR# 2008-120

Energy conference brings hope to Afghans living in Laghman and Nagarhar

KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF along with Afghan Ministry of Energy and Water representatives and Nangarhar and Laghman Province engineers met for an energy conference on Forward Operating Base Fenty, Nangarhar Province, Mar. 24.

The conference was held to exchange ideas on future power projects and to discuss existing facilities in the region. Conference members discussed numerous projects to help build and revitalize the province’s power grids.

Nangarhar and Laghman Province’s outdated power facilities are in need of repair or replacement, said Redi Guhl, Jalalabad director of energy.

The Kunar Dam and the Naghlu-Jalalabad Transmission Line Projects must undergo lengthy surveys to determine if the they are feasible before construction can begin.

The proposed Kunar Dam Project would consist of seven dams on the Pech River and could potentially supply 1,100 mega watts of power. 

The Nanghlu-Jalalabad Transmission Line should be complete in September 2009, and will transmit 20 mega watts of power to the region.

At the end of conference, Colonel Mark Johnstone, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team deputy commander, encouraged the provinces to develop their own self-sustained projects that will lead to employment and economic growth.

Mr. Guhl agreed with Col. Johnstone’s comments and added that if the Ministry of Energy and Water couldn’t solve the problem this summer they would continue to work in the future for a permanent solution.

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