28 Mar. 2008

PR# 2008-119

Zabul government, PRT build partnerships for future

KABUL, Afghanistan – The governor of Zabul and his line ministry department directors met with members of the provincial reconstruction team recently to establish integrated teams, which marked the beginning of new partnerships between Zabul and U.S. government officials.

"I thank your families for supporting you while you are here doing great things in Afghanistan. You are the people who will give our province peace and our people a good life," said Governor Delbar Jan Arman to the Provincial Reconstruction Team. 

Each division of the Zabul provincial government will integrate PRT members who can assist or provide insight into projects beneficial to people in the province.

Representatives from women’s affairs, education, agriculture, infrastructure, health and other line departments were present to team up with PRT members who share their knowledge base.

"My brothers and sisters, we have many problems," said Governor Arman. "You can’t compare Afghanistan with any other country. We have a tribal system, people who are not educated and are not used to modern society or the modern system we have in the world right now."

"My directors and I are happy to work with you, and we hope this will create success for the future," he added.

Franz Seitz, U.S. Department of State political officer for Zabul Province, echoed the governor’s sentiments. "It is a privilege for us to work with such dedicated people," he said. "The PRT’s involvement with Zabul is moving into a new phase; we want to work on sustainable projects that engage the people and move away from quick-fix projects.

"With the Zabul government and the PRT working together, we want this year to be the most successful to date," said Mr. Seitz.

The mission of the Zabul PRT is to conduct civil-military operations in Zabul Province to extend the reach and legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan by promoting good governance and justice, enabling an effective Afghan security force through training and mentorship, and facilitating reconstruction, development and economic growth by developing projects on the leading edge of the Afghan National Development Strategy.

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