22 Mar. 2008

PR# 2008-110

ISAF’s Zabul PRT transfers authority during ceremony

KABUL, Afghanistan – Lieutenant Colonel Bryce Brakman assumed authority of ISAF’s Zabul Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) from Lieutenant Colonel James Bramble in a ceremony at Forward Operating Base Lagman in Qalat, Zabul Province recently.

After the guidon was exchanged between commanders, symbolizing the transfer of authority, Delbar Jan Arman, Governor of Zabul, thanked Col. Bramble for his work. He also wished Col. Brakman success, saying they would be working together to support each other and the people of Afghanistan.

In his speech to the assembly, Col. Brakman noted the PRT team’s positive attitude would serve them well as they worked to assist the people of Zabul Province.

The mission of ISAF’s PRT is to conduct civil-military operations in Zabul Province to extend the reach and legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan by promoting good governance and justice, enabling an effective Afghan security force through training and mentorship, and facilitating reconstruction, development and economic growth by developing projects on the leading edge of the Afghan National Development Strategy.

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