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10 Feb 2008

PR# 2008-064

ISAF provides medical care, discovers rockets

KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF troops treated locals in Musahi Valley, south of Kabul, as part of a medical assistance visit recently.

During their visit to provide treatment to neighboring areas, Regional Command Capital’s Italian Battlegroup received reports about a weapons cache in the area.

Troops found the reported cache that contained 15 active rockets buried in the snow.

A patrol immediately responded to the report and cleared the area to allow Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists to identify and dispose the ammunition buried in the snow.

“As ISAF troops continue to provide a great deal of humanitarian aid and medical assistance in remote areas of the country, we also continue to improve our relationships with locals and improve the security situation within Afghanistan,” said an ISAF official. “This is just one example of the progress we are making by working together with the community.”

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