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09 Feb 2008

PR# 2008-061

Operation Winter Stand aids remote villagers in Paktika Province

KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF and Afghan soldiers and police came together to provide aid to Rabat, a remote area in Paktika Province as part of Operation Winter Stand recently.

Forces gave out humanitarian aid, provided mass medical assistance, veterinary services, conducted village assessments and held meetings to find out the kind of assets needed in the area. They also started repairs on the damaged school.

Rabat, isolated from any government seat or ISAF base, sits between two districts and is not visited as often as other locations, according to authorities.

“We came out here because we don’t want them to think they’ve been forgotten,” said an ISAF soldier.

The aid materials were handed out to about 1,200 Afghans. Sweaters, jackets and shoes for both children and adults were given out along with school supplies, hygiene kits, toys and food. The villagers’ livestock were given medical treatment by teams who set up field clinics.

“We are very surprised and happy that [ISAF forces and our government] are out here,” said Sardar Malak, a tribal elder. “We are usually facing many problems in this area because of the Taliban. But despite this cold, you are out here with us, helping us. We are very happy that we are cared for and it shows us that if we do send our sons into the police or army, we will see the results.”

The ANSF will continue to patrol the area until a checkpoint is set up and aid activities will continue in order to help improve the lives of Afghans.

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