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07 Feb 2008

PR# 2008-059

US, UK Secretaries of State visit ISAF soldiers

KABUL, Afghanistan – U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and British foreign secretary David Miliband made a surprise visit to ISAF Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan today.

The Secretaries’ visited Afghanistan to meet with President Hamid Karzai and senior ISAF leaders and to receive updates on ISAF’s progress as well as to show their support for coalition operations.

“This is about mutual responsibility,” said Mr. Miliband. “Our talks today have been about what we do in the international community and also what the Afghan government can do at the national, provincial and local level; in the end, it will be that partnership that drives this country forward.”

Both Secretaries took time to meet with and thank the soldiers stationed in Kabul for their hard work and sacrifice in carrying out the ISAF mission.

“I hope you know every day you get up that you are helping Afghans to build a better, a more prosperous, more secure future, to defeat terrorists; that you are giving them a chance to build a democracy in a place where they didn’t think anybody thought democracy was possible,” said Dr. Rice.

The Secretaries reaffirmed the critical nature of the ISAF mission and their admiration for the work the coalition forces are doing.

“I think pride is what every foreign minister would feel seeing the intelligence, the skill, the bravery of the work that is going on from such a wide coalition of forces here,” said Mr. Miliband.

The Secretaries also stopped in Kandahar earlier today where they received briefings on ISAF operations in Regional Command South and visited with troops.

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