07 Feb 2008

PR# 2008-057

ISAF troops provide Daman District tool for building waterway

KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF troops with the 15th Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment presented a mechanical digger to village elders in Daman District near Kandahar Air Field recently.

Need for the digger became apparent by the troops through discussions with village elders. It will be used to dig a waterway and clear irrigation ditches for crops. 

“It is great to be able to provide material help to the people who assist us in securing the area,” said Flight Sgt. "Taff" Burton, Kandahar Force Protection unit. “The vast majority of the people here just want to live in peace and tend their small holdings. With our help, the supply of water that provides their livelihood will be increased.”

The village's Mullah said, "This will bring much needed assistance and allow our village and families to flourish in years to come."

The RAF Regiment continually patrols the area surrounding Kandahar Air Field. Its activities provide a secure ground environment to ensure insurgent activity does not hinder air operations in southern Afghanistan.

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