07 Feb 2008

PR# 2008-056

ISAF, ANA provide medical care to locals

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan National Army (ANA) and ISAF soldiers from the 15th Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment provided medical care to more than 70 villagers during a medical outreach patrol near Kandahar Air Field recently.

The medical team, which included an Afghan Army doctor, was escorted by a joint force of ANA troops and ISAF soldiers responsible for security in the area.

“We can offer only basic medical care during these visits, but there were a couple of people whose conditions would have become quite serious had we not been there to intervene,” said one of the medical officers. “Treating in these conditions is very different to our normal surgeries, even back at base where things are quite basic; it is humbling to see the conditions people live in outside of the air base, and very gratifying that we can help.”

The medical outreach visit took place in a village school after lessons had finished for the day.

“There are 40 villages near the air base, some of which are quite large, and we do what we can to assist them,” said the commander of the patrol.

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