04 Feb 2008

PR# 2008-053

Afghan boy struck by car still in critical condition

KABUL, Afghanistan – Amin Gul, a 10-year-old Afghan boy who was struck by a car Jan. 30 between Kabul and Bagram Airfield, is still in critical condition, according to doctors.

“Amin was in critical condition when he arrived here (Jan. 30),” said Maj. Nicole Thomas, Craig Joint Theater Hospital pediatrician. “He had several broken bones in his lower extremities, including a broken pelvis.”

The boy, who was conscious when he arrived at Craig Joint Theater Hospital, Bagram Airfield, underwent extensive surgery, where Coalition doctors stabilized his broken bones. Despite the doctor’s efforts, Amin’s lower right leg was too severely injured to be repaired and a surgeon amputated his leg below the knee.

Amin is currently unconscious to keep him from experiencing more pain, according to doctors.

On Jan. 30 Coalition vehicles were traveling in Kabul when they saw a civilian vehicle suddenly pull to the side of the road. As the soldiers cautiously approached, they saw a small child lying on the side of the road, so they stopped to help.

A medic in the convoy immediately assessed the child’s injuries and began first aid procedures.

According to the boy’s grandfather, Amin, who is the sole provider for his four younger siblings, was working on the road filling in ditches so he could buy food, when he was hit and then dragged by a car. The vehicle hit him and fled the scene.

“The first thing that came to mind was to help the boy,” said a soldier from the convoy that found Amin. “We just wanted to save his life. When we got there, the boy had already lost a lot of blood.”

As the soldiers were treating Amin, they saw two ISAF helicopters flying overhead. They signaled the pilots who landed and transported the boy to Bagram Airfield for treatment.

“If (the soldiers) didn’t help, Amin would already be dead,” said Amin’s grandfather through an interpreter. “They saved his life. Thank you. Amin is getting the best care possible. He is a lucky one.”

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