02 Feb 2008

PR# 2008-051

Italian PRT, Afghan doctors
treat Herat Province locals

KABUL, Afghanistan – A combined ISAF and Afghan medical team held a medical engagement for Herat Province locals at Herat Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) facilities recently.

This was the first event where Afghan doctors from Herat Hospital worked with and received mentorship from the Italian PRT medical team.

Patients were treated by ISAF and Afghan doctors and given medications at the PRT infirmary.

The main illnesses treated were nutritional, gastrointestinal and respiratory problems among children and cardiac troubles and flu symptoms among women, all due mainly to the cold winter.

Since December, the PRT has provided health care to more than 500 people, not only from the city, but also from other locations where medical facilities are not available.

PRT medical personnel treat around 50 people each Friday during medical engagements held for locals.

The event is one of the initiatives the PRT performs to provide health assistance to the neediest part of the population, including women and children having difficulties reaching Afghan medical facilities in Herat.

This activity is part of ISAF’s plan to improve the quality of health care and ease of access to facilities for Afghans, eventually enabling it to face all health necessities on its own.

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