01 Feb 2008

PR# 2008-046

Qala-e-Naw PRT rescues local drivers trapped by avalanche

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Qala-e-Naw Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) responded to a call for assistance at Sabzac pass, Badghis Province, to help Afghan people stuck there by a snow avalanche recently.

Initial information reported 20 to 30 vehicles and 100 to 200 people were trapped on the pass.

The Spanish-led PRT, under the responsibility of Regional Command West, reacted immediately. They sent a team of two heavy bulldozers and two trucks loaded with humanitarian aid items including blankets, fuel, food and water.

The ISAF soldiers conducted a reconnaissance on the pass in coordination with Afghan National Police (ANP). They cleared the road and ANP controlled traffic on the pass until it was safe enough for drivers.  

Despite of the bad situation and traffic problems, no injured people were reported.

This is one of the activities that ISAF soldiers carry out to support the population of the province. The PRT’s main task is to support the authorities of the Government of Afghanistan in Badghis Province, to reach a stable and secure environment that strengthens the governance and makes the reconstruction and development easier.

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