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31 Jan 2008

PR# 2008-044

ISAF, ANA treat 835 Afghans in two-day MEDCAP

KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF and Afghan National Army (ANA) doctors visited villages in Herat Province recently to provide medical care.

As they endure one of the most severe winters in 20 years in Afghanistan, the people’s need for medical attention has increased. 

A combined team of doctors from ANA and ISAF treated 120 men, 65 women and 152 children in Saheb Zadeh Village.

Villagers of Bagh E Nazargah also received treatment during the medical outreach that helped 115 men, 186 women and 197 children.

Some ailments treated during the two-day operation were gastritis, respiratory problems, musculo skeletal, climatic pain, dermatitis, cardiac and ocular.

While people were in line to be seen, ANA and ISAF soldiers distributed snacks and treats to the many children there as well as humanitarian aid.

The village elders expressed great appreciation for the help brought to the population with the Medical Civilian Action Program (MEDCAP), a need felt in this part of the year more than in others due to the bad weather conditions.

ISAF mentors, headed by Lt. Col. Vincenzo Giacobbe, Regional Command West medical advisor, thanked the 207th Corp doctors and Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team for their professional contributions.

This activity is part of a larger plan carried out by ISAF soldiers to help the local population to overcoming the trials of winter.

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