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22 Jan 2008

PR# 2008-036

Bagram PRT delivers cold weather items, food to Mahmood Raqi District humanitarian aid association

KABUL, Afghanistan – Bagram Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) delivered items to an Afghan humanitarian aid association in Mahmood Raqi District, Kapisa Province, recently.

The association, who wished to remain anonymous, received various supplies and clothing to help sustain people through the cold winter months.

“We delivered numerous boxes of everything ranging from school supplies to winter clothing, socks and shoes,” said Capt. Erick Saks, Bagram PRT representative. “These items were donated by independent non-profit organizations in the U.S. who know there are people out here suffering and don’t have everything that they need.”

The leader of the anonymous Afghan aid association was grateful for the aid.

“We are thankful for these gifts from America,” he said. “We are always in need of items, especially in the winter.”

The association, which is similar to the Red Cross, is specialized in getting aid to people in the places where it is needed.

“We know these organizations do a good job,” Captain Saks said. “So rather than distributing it ourselves when we don’t know exactly where the aid is needed, we rely on them. They look if there is a national disaster, monitor the situation and bring out what is needed. These organizations are well-established. They have contact within the communities. People know to contact them when they are in trouble. So they have the resources to make sure the aid is getting to where it needs to go.”

Capt. Jordan Berry, Bagram PRT Kapisa team leader, who helped the other soldiers unload the trailer of items, was glad to be a part of the effort and said it was important to have the winter clothing available to them.

“There is a lot of flooding in this area this time of year and through the spring,” Captain Berry said. “Houses get washed away. It is good for them to have these items on hand,” he said.

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