19 Jan 2008

PR# 2008-032

ANA, ISAF inflict heavy casualties
on insurgents in Kunar

KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghan National Army and ISAF soldiers in the Watapoor District of Kunar Province engaged insurgent forces killing or wounding dozens during fighting overnight Jan. 18.

The battle, which lasted more than 21 hours, began around 11:30 a.m. when forces from an ISAF base launched an attack on insurgents who were moving into position to attack the base. Earlier in the day, the combined ANA and ISAF force received credible intelligence the insurgents were planning to mass on the ISAF base.

Small arms, machineguns, mortars, artillery, attack helicopters and close-air support with precision guided munitions were all used during the engagement.

The rough terrain in this mountainous region of Afghanistan has made it difficult to confirm exact numbers of insurgent casualties at this point.

However, based on intelligence reports received through a number of sources, insurgent losses are estimated at more than two dozen killed or wounded.

There were no ANA, ISAF or civilian casualties reported as a result of this engagement.

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