19 Jan 2008

PR# 2008-031

ISAF airdrops food, supplies to isolated villages

ISAF soldiers unload items sent to isolated villages in Herat Province, Ghoryan District recently. Food, clothing and boots were distributed to locals in need of supplies during severe winter conditions.

KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF airdropped humanitarian aid items into isolated villages in Ghoryan District recently.

Due to low temperatures and heavy snowfalls in past weeks, many villages have experienced difficulties with movement, food supply and health conditions.

Villagers collect humanitarian aid items delivered by ISAF soldiers to help alleviate suffering during winter months. More than eight tons of goods were airdropped to remote villages in Ghoryan District recently.

Regional Command West (RC-West) gathered information on villages in need and helped plan the best way to reach the areas to deliver the goods. RC-West is a participant in local authority and Regional Combined Disaster Management Team meetings to stay aware of community needs and activities.

The operations were conducted to support 207th Afghan National Army Corps (ANA) operating in Herat Province, Ghoryan District. Ground units were sent to Ghoryan village in close coordination with ANA units, United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMA) in Afghanistan and Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team.

An ISAF helicopter takes off after delivering supplies to Ghoryan District villagers recently. The operation was part of ISAF’s larger humanitarian aid plan to help contrast severe winter conditions for people throughout Afghanistan.

One and a half tons of food, clothing and boots for locals in Aft Chan village were delivered by helicopters taking off from RC-West. ANA personnel secured the drop area and delivered the goods to the population.

A second humanitarian aid drop went to the villages of Cah Zard, Du Cahi and Ca H I Du Beradar where RC-West air assets dropped seven tons of goods.

This operation is part of a bigger ISAF humanitarian aid plan to help contrast severe winter conditions for people throughout Afghanistan.

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