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17 Jan 2008

PR# 2008-030

Chaghcharan PRT conducts medical
operation in Ghowr Province

KABUL, Afghanistan – An Afghan doctor and a Chaghcharan PRT medical team conducted a medical civil assistance patrol (MEDCAP) in Badgah village, Ghowr Province recently.

The Lithuanian-led PRT soldiers and medics together with Dr. Nasim from Chaghcharan hospital provided medical consultations for 144 patients from Badgah village.

“We are happy that we could examine 96 men, 23 women and 25 children,” said Lt. Col. Marius Šalkevičius, chief of the PRT hospital. “Everybody got medicine and consultations.”

Doctor Nasim helped PRT doctors to diagnose illnesses for patients. He arranged locals’ reception for the consultations that took place close to the local pharmacy.

“We are very thankful for Doctor Nasim’s help. He was the first person with whom the patients were speaking with,” said Master Sgt. Irmantas Kavaliauskas, PRT doctor. “He did a great job, without him this operation could not successfully be performed.”

According to PRT Chaghcharan doctors, the most frequent illnesses for men and women are gastritis, arthritis and intestine and skin diseases. Children’s diseases are mainly connected with intestine, ears and eyes. There were patients with dental problems also.

“Unfortunately, we could not help everybody who needs help, but the PRT will continue to conduct this kind of operation together with local doctors in all Ghowr Province,” said Col. Albertas Kondrotas, PRT Chaghcharan Commander. “We are happy to help people of Afghanistan.”

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