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13 Jan 2008

PR# 2008-023

ANP, Chaghcharan PRT rescue locals from snow

KABUL, Afghanistan (Jan. 13) – The Chaghcharan Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and Afghanistan National Police participated in a rescue operation in Ghowr Province recently.

The Lithuanian-led PRT received information that two minibuses with 20 local people were stuck in snow 30 kilometers from Chaghcharan and both the ANP and PRT sent rescue teams to the snowed-in vehicles.

“We came to Afghanistan not just for province reconstruction, but also to ensure security of the region,” said Col. Albertas Kondrotas, PRT Commander.

The operation was postponed because they weren’t able to reach the location through the heavy snow. However, rescuers reached the location the next day and extracted people from the vehicles.

“People were happy to see us,” said PRT Capt. Gregers Svenstrup, rescue team commander. “They were very thankful for food, water, hot tea and blankets which we gave them. Our rescue team was also happy - everybody was safe and healthy.”

Both the Chief of Ghowr National Police, Gen. Shah Jahan Noori, and Governor of Ghowr Province, Baz Mohamad Ahmady, expressed their thanks for the PRT‘s assistance along with the ANP.

The vehicles and people made it safely out of the snow back to Chaghcharan.

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