12 Jan 2008

PR# 2008-020

Top Taliban commander targeted in Kapisa

KABUL, Afghanistan (Jan. 12) – ISAF conducted a precise strike on a compound in Kapisa Province targeting a senior Taliban commander and other Taliban leaders today.

The compound, located in the Pasha Qari village of Tag Ab Valley, was the site of a large Taliban meeting. The commander was wanted for attacks in Kapisa, Parwan and Kabul Provinces.

The commander is a key improvised explosive device (IED) facilitator in the valley and is responsible for organizing attacks against ISAF and Coalition forces and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Intelligence reporting placed the commander and other Taliban leaders in the compound. ISAF personnel ensured the site was clear of civilians before conducting the strike.

Afghan National Police, Afghan National Army and ISAF personnel are at the scene conducting an assessment of the site. The name of the commander will be released upon confirmation of his death.

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